The UX Recruitment Problem

What's the problem?

"Most recruiters don't understand UX"

"I receive profiles of web developers"

"I'm not a front-end coder!"

"I'm not that kind of a designer"

"User Research is not the same as IA"

...etc...sound familiar?

UX Recruitment Solution

What's the solution?

eXperience Talent's consultants have worked in the UI sector for over twelve years, with eight years specifically in recruiting User Experience professionals for roles globally. We ONLY do User Experience - it's what makes us great UX recruiters.

eXperience Talent understands User Experience intimately. We don't introduce irrelevant candidates to employers and we don't approach candidates with irrelevant jobs.

UX Recruitment Recommendation

Where's the evidence?

"I have been working with Sean for years, both as a recruiting manager and as a job seeking client and I can't praise him enough. What Sean doesn't know about the UX industry is not worth knowing. As a recruiting manager he will send you top notch candidates and should you ever need his help to find your next position he will always go beyond the call of duty to make sure that you have a selection of excellent opportunities to choose from." many more here...

User Experience Recruitment

Here at eXperience Talent we understand the difference between user research and information architecture. We know our interaction design from our icon design. We recruit specialists as well as multi-skilled profiles. Here's a snapshot of the UX jobs we cover.

User Research & Testing

Putting the 'User' into User Experience. These guys get to the bottom of what users want and how they use digital products and services. Knowing your users is key to good User Centred Design.

Information Architecture & Interaction Design

Whether your mobile app has 5 screens or your intranet has thousands of pages, good information architecture and interaction design ensures your users achieve their digital goals with ease and in style.

Visual UI Design

Excellent usability with zero visual appeal can easily turn off a user. Strong visual design helps to delight a user's aesthetic senses.